Jabba's Palace Location Deployment Rules - The vile gangster Jabba the Hutt operates a remote desert fortress, far away from Mos Eisley. The layout of Jabba's Palace and other Tatooine sites is shown in the diagram above.

New Mos Eisley Location Deployment Rule - To keep the three sites that represent the Mos Eisley spaceport together, the Tatooine: Mos Eisley site now has a special deployment rule: it may not be separated from the Cantina or Docking Bay 94 by any other exterior sites.

Tatooine: Desert - This location's game text prevents characters with landspeed less than 2 from moving away; however, it does not affect the movement of vehicles (and other kinds of movement, such as shuttling, landing or taking off). Characters with landspeed greater than 1 can move through the desert, but the average character needs some kind of assistance. (For example, a vehicle could be deployed to rescue characters trapped in the desert, and some interrupt cards temporarily add landspeed.)

The Tatooine: Desert is the first non-uniquelocation which may be used as a starting location. Thus, the rule on choosing locations at the start of the game is amended as follows: If players choose the same unique starting location, they set them aside temporarily and choose again.

Jabba's Palace: Audience Chamber - This new site location represents the center of operations for Jabba the Hutt's crime syndicate, a very powerful organization with influence throughout the galaxy. Connections with the Hutt mean increased access to weapons, political influence and illegal contraband.

In this expansion set, there are many alien characters whose game text is designed to take advantage of Jabba's criminal connections. A representative who is at the Audience Chamber creates benefits for other members of its species on distant planets.

'Non-Unique' Card - Any card with no dots, two dots () or three dots () is non-unique.

Some characters in this expansion can change certain unique () cards into non-unique cards. While such a character is captured, missing or lost, or has its game text canceled, any such changed cards revert to unique (); however, copies of those cards already on table are allowed to remain (even in multiple) and continue to function. If this occurs, any new copies of those card(s) are prevented from entering play while any others remain on table.

Gender of Characters - Whenever a character's gender is not indicated by the card's image, game text, title or lore, that character is considered to be male.

Princess Leia Organa - This new version of the Leia persona enters play either by deploying as a captive or, on rare occasion, by replacing a different Leia using the persona replacement rule (only if that other Leia is a captive of Jabba or a bounty hunter).

Starting Interrupts - A new type of interrupt. Two cards in this expansion - Twi'lek Advisor and The Signal - are Used or Starting Interrupts.You may play them from your hand normally during the game as Used Interrupts; however, you may also play one from your Reserve Deckat the start of the game as a Starting Interrupt, as follows:

After both players' starting locations have been deployed, and before Reserve Decks have been shuffled to draw opening hands, each player may play one starting interrupt. If both players choose to do so, starting interrupts are played (and resolved) at the same time.

Battleground - A new term meaning any system, sector or site location where both players (1) have Force icons, (2) are able to deploy and (3) are not prevented from initiating battle by game text. For example, the following locations are not battlegrounds:

Such locations could becomebattlegrounds, assuming all other battleground criteria are met, by (for example) moving the Sleen away from the Docking Bay, "blowing away" the Hoth: Main Power Generators or bringinga Dark Side character of ability > 3 to Yoda's location.

Revised Sabacc Rules - In the Cloud City rules supplement, wild cards in sabacc were required to have a value between 1 and 6. This rule is now amended as follows: the value must be within the range shown on the sabacc interrupt.

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