Tales from Mos Eisley

Rebellion Era

0-5 years after Star Wars: A New Hope

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Tales from Mos Eisley
"Light Duty"
"Mostly Automatic"
"Hegg's Tale"

Place in timeline - 3 years after A New Hope

Published: March 1996
Story: Bruce Jones
Illustrator: Bret Blevins
Lettering: Micheal Taylor
Colors: James Sinclair & Pamela Rambo

"No greater hive of scum and villainy," that's the way that Mos Eisley should be remembered. The brightest story in the galaxy passed through these dusty streets and byways, but there are thousands of other, darker stories, some of which bear telling. Here are a few of them, including tales of doomed mercenaries, altruistic droids, and unsavory exchanges in the shadowed alleys. So come on out of that sunlight, pull up a bench, and share a tale . . .

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