Jabba the Hutt
The Jabba Tape

Rebellion Era

0-5 years after Star Wars: A New Hope

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Jabba the Hutt
The Jabba Tape

Place in timeline - 4+ years after A New Hope

Published: December 1998
Story: John Wagner
Kilian Plunkett
Cover: Kilian Plunkett

With Jabba the Hutt dead, a swarm of greedy Hutt relatives descend on Tatooine ready to claim their piece of Jabba's vast criminal empire. But Big Gizz and Spiker, Jabba's swoop-riding thugs, have their own agenda for a hidden ship full of Jabba's most precious art treasures. Unfortunately, the ship is protected with a security program modelled on Jabba himself! Collecting the serialization from Topps' Star Wars Galaxy Magazine. 

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